Negros Press Club New Updates

NPC, Army, Smart Partner in Tree-Growing Activity

MURCIA, Negros Occidental - The Negros Press Club, Smart Communications and the Philippine Army 303rd Brigade held a tree growing activity, on July 18 at the 303rd Camp Gerona Brgy. Minoyan.

Participants plant tress sponsored by the Negros Press Club, Smart Communications and 303rd Brigade, P.A. at the Army Camp in Minoyan, Murcia.* (PIA6)

Speech by Teddy Locsin, Jr., in Bacolod at SMX, Saturday, 7 March 2015

Good evening. Thank you for initing me. Congratulations to the new officers of the Negros Press Club, the oldest in our history; the youngest in its membership. I was saving my breath for a long and not so easy speech but I’ve lost a lot of it expressing my wonder at the splendor of the sprawing new SM. Let me tell you, I know Henry Sy and he doesn’t make mistakes; he doesn’t wait for progress to happen before coming in; he comes in to make progress happen. The new SM is an earnest of his unfailing faith in our future here.
I won’t miss a chance to return where I spent summers as a boy. There is a quality in the Southerner that he must renew from time to time by coming back, so he doesn’t lose the sense of where he is which comes from the sense of whence he came. Let me cut to the chase.

Outside of newspapers, TV, and radio, in that order, there are no other sources of news. In that order because TV and radio get their news from print or must validate their news against print. Otherwise it is “That’s your story but I heard different.”